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William Marlow

William Marlow

William Marlow was born in October 1959 in Edwards, California and educated at the Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri.

William began his art career as a Fine Art printmaker in the early 1980’s. His incredible attention to detail can easily be seen in his beautiful hand-colored etchings. These extraordinary works have been exhibited and collected throughout the world, particularly during the “fine art” print heyday to the 1980’s.

With the 90’s decade and a new desire to “paint”, William pursued an unexplored interest in the study of landscape. He spent a great deal of time painting throughout the Midwest. The stimulating atmosphere at the Chicago Art Institute inspired him while living and working in the area. He spent hours at the museum studying their magnificent collection of Impressionist masters. William found the art of Claude Monet most intriguing. He was fascinated by the “presence” of the paint on the canvas and how Monet used the gesture of color to communicate a moment in time.

The emphasis toward his landscapes and current representational work is not in the exact detail of reality but rather in the use of paint to make an impression of a place and time.

William currently resides in Denver, Colorado and his work is in numerous private and corporate collections throughout the United States.

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