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Don Bradshaw

Don Bradshaw

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Don Bradshaw grew up on the outskirts amidst the new city’s contrasting desert and farmlands. Prior to receiving his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in painting and printmaking, Bradshaw traveled the southern states, living in Arkansas and Texas.

Influenced by the landscapes of Texas and Arizona, the artist’s early works offered a unique perspective on the patterns and contours of the plowed and etched fields of those southern states. The earlier landscapes have evolved into two current directions. One style has taken a more traditional route with an impressionistic feel. The other draws only from the abstract shapes and elements of earlier landscapes, putting the emphasis on the contrasting colors and shapes found in nature.

Bradshaw’s work abstracts and landscapes, brilliantly blends the rich colors of the earth. The images are able to capture the movement of light with the use of color.

Bradshaw says he uses the landscape as an excuse to play with colors, exaggerating the greens, the reds, and heightening the contrasts seen in nature. He adds, “The process of painting is a matter of building with color and light, layering the color fields to develop the depth and the artist’s perception of the subject.”

The richness of his monotypes is achieved by blending similar color fields together. Blending first with inks and then with pastels and watercolors after the piece is printed, helps to both soften the colors and aid in accenting the sharpened, contrasting forms that create the composition.

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