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Candy Clark

Candy Clark

Painter, Designer, Picture Frame Maker
Art has always been the focus of my life.  Drawing and painting were a regular part of my childhood.  I began picture framing at eighteen and the process of melding art and framing into one began.  I worked for ten years in frame shops in Houston, Texas and Key West, Florida.  After moving to Amarillo, Texas in 1979 I opened my own shop.  The Right angle, Professional Picture Framing and operated that shop for the next 24 years. 1979 – 2003.

In that time framing became art, a frame became my blank canvas.  To me, art and frame are intimately related.  They will always be together, a marriage so to speak.  One impacts the other, making a unified statement about the art, or whatever you’re framing.  It seems only natural that I would enjoy creating the “contents” as well as the frame and now many paintings await my brushes.

I am primarily self-taught.  My favorite style is impressionism, and artists, who I feel have most influenced my work, are Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet.  I work exclusively in acrylics, and I continually expand my idea of what is an “appropriate surface” for a painting.  My paintings may be on masonite, frames, or furniture.

Gardening also became one of my passions and my work began to reflect my love for the garden and its ornaments.  But fences do not define gardens, so gardens are anywhere color, texture, pattern, light, a brush, and a blank surface are all I need.

In 2003 my husband retired, I sold my shop and we moved to the Ozarks.  My love of the garden expanded to include a new appreciation of the natural beauty of the Ozarks, the trees, the wildflowers, the wildlife and the serene beauty of the area’s lakes.  My subjects will continue to be re-defined. I love to express the beauty of something we see daily, weekly, monthly, yearly…aged, worn, and rusted, the patina of time.  To see it through new eyes…. mine.

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