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Bob Ransley

Bob Ransley

Born in 1955, Bob Ransley is a native of Troy, New York. Spending his early years on a farm, he was no stranger to hard work. That hard work ethic was reinforced as Bob and his brothers took their expected places in the family boatyard business on the river.

Bob’s formal training includes study at the Swain School of Design in New Bedford, Mass. He also has a degree in Art Education from the University of Mass.  He insists however, “I wasn’t born with this talent. I work hard every day to be a better painter.”

Training, talent and hard work generally yield positive results. Ransley collectors and admirers universally applaud his efforts. Bob’s unique style has flair of its own.  It’s obvious he is having a good time with his palette knife.  He rarely lacks enthusiasm and it shows in his work.

There is a confidence exuded in the technique of every piece-Bob admits, “humility is not my long suit- I think every painting I start is going to be the best one I ever painted.”

You can find the Ransley signature on just about every subject matter. He has done animals, still life, floral and is in great demand as a portrait artist. He especially loves painting old Turkish olive oil jugs. Whether filled with flowers or set amongst pears, vases and bowls, they have a great attraction for the artist.

Most people think they get a glimpse of an artist’s personality in a painting. Bob admits, “the most important way for me to learn about me is to paint. I feel what I see. Success for me is getting that feeling on canvas so the viewer can feel it too. That makes me a better artist and somehow a better person.”

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