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Agnes Stoklosa

Agnes Stoklosa

Born and raised in Poland, Agnieszka (Agnes) Stoklosa completed her secondary education in her native country and her artistic training in Toronto, both in private studios and at the AOCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design).  She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.

The work of this artist is anchored in the tradition of her native Poland, where she did sculpture and ceramic work, and in the landscape of her newly adopted country.  The result is a sculpted image on a flat surface in a world where fantasy meets reality.  In fact, Agnes’ world is a dreamy, naive world with unusual, mountainous landscapes and structures that defy the law of gravity.  But it is a recognizable and real world, for we know with certainty that the houses on the hilly side will not tip over and the aerostatic balloons won’t deflate.

Her technique is very unique, and it combines the most ancient method of painting (encaustic) with the elements of sculpting, giving the impression of a three-dimensional image on a two-dimensional background.  Her paper work is craftily executed and it incorporates the artisan’s tradition and the fine art conceptualization, a remnant, perhaps, of the medieval town in which she grew up and of the training in Toronto.

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